I love vegan and other restrictive dietary desserts

Cinnamon Banana Chocolate Chip Ice Cream- vegan and raw


I actually prefer vegan desserts over regular desserts even though I'm not vegan or restrictive in anyway.  My favorite donuts are baked, vegan and gluten free- yeah, I don't get it except I like the bean-y taste of the garbanzo flour base. 

Banana ice cream is another go to for those nights when you want to crawl into bed at some ridiculously early time.  So, instead listen to Tom Petty, eat your ice cream and read 97 Orchard.  Oh, one caveat- you need to have frozen banana slices on hand.

Cinnamon Banana Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
1 serving

approx 1/2 medium banana, sliced and frozen

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

1/4 tap ground cinnamon

1/2 tbs raw cacao nibs

1.  Place all ingredients except cacoa nibs into blender/bullet/what haveyou. 

2.  Pulse until smooth, watch to ensure it does not liquefy.

3.  Scrape into bowl and mix in cacao nibs. 

4.  Serve.