Traveling Lessons.

Refrigerator leftover dinner. 

Refrigerator leftover dinner. 

Things to know about me post travel. I hate to cook.  I much rather pick up food, get take out or if desperacy and my guilt of having already spent almost all my meals out hits, which it almost always does, I scour the fridge and pantry for the most hodgepodge assortment of food. Anything that hasn't died a sad lonely death in my fridge and takes less than 7 minutes to prepare works.

This meal consists of:

1/2 avocado drizzled with good olive oil (always have that on hand- that shit will literally elevate whatever worthless food to the next level) and sprinkled liberally with Maldon sea salt

a few slices of spanish chorizo  (which almost never expires)

blue cheese with a spoonful of manuka honey

cucumber slices (from the end that hasn't liquified) 

1/2 of white peach (close to shriveling but not quite) doused with lime (I actually found the lime under a pillow on my chaise lounge??) 

All eaten off the lovely terra-cotta bowl I bought on my travel and the one of the pair that survived.  Less than 7 minutes.