Small batch, artisan, organic and foraged cactus flower syrup.  Picked sustainably while hiking through the Sonoran desserts only during the winter months, to be then slowly cooked down only with a touch of organic sugar to produce a ruby red syrup.  Strained through to give the most silky of texture and should only coat the back of a spoon.  

Who creates this glorious syrup?  

My mom.  Assisted by my dad.  Two 60-some years old Koreans traipsing on their weekend hikes in surrounding areas of Phoenix, AZ to forage cactus fruits (also known as prickly pear) and edible weeds to dry.  No interest in selling, just producing gallons to be stored for some future apocalypse, only known to them and the rest given to loved ones.  Usually in whatever container they have, mine came in my dad's old jumbo sized vitamin bottle, due to the child proof, thus, leak proof cap.  

It makes the greatest vinaigrette in the world.  I shit you not.  



Cactus Fruit Vinaigrette:

adapted from my mother

serves up to 8 medium salads


1/4 of small yellow onion, minced

1/2 c cactus fruit syrup*

1/4 c of extra virgin olive oil

2 tbls of soy sauce

1/4 c + 1 tbls of white vinegar

season with fresh cracked pepper



1.  I pour everything into whatever jar I have that will fit the ingredients and has a screw on cap.

2. Shake.  Taste.  The umami will come from the soy sauce and cut the tartness of the syrup.  

3. I find that this stays good in the refrigerator up to 4-5 days.  

4.  Serve with fresh greens or whatever you desire.    

* I can't attest for any commercial bought syrups but this brand seems to have the monopoly.