Squid ink pasta + njuda + shrimp.

I am positive that Bon Appétit magazine has become one of the most youthful (in the best way possible!) and relevant food magazine in the last couple of years.  

I know that Kinfolk, Cereal, etc... are could be considered more "artful", "meaningful", etc... but sometimes it's much too serious and I don't always have the desire to live my life in a pair of $180 clogs and wild foraged flowers...  I love a smashed flat-top grill burger and a Coca-cola w/crushed ice but still want to know how to make proper English duck-fat-oven-fried-potatoes.  

This is where Bon Appétit comes into play, in one single edition they can cover all the above, coupled with insane photography and a good amount of happy cheek.  The site, their instagram and their editors' instagrams are sooooo good right now!  

One of the best Sunday night-it's too cold and I want something soothing but different- recipes is their Squid Ink + Njuda + Shrimp Pasta.  From the brilliant idea of saving & freezing shrimp peels to the taste...perfect.  Best of all.  It's easy.  Insanely easy.  

So easy that I'm going to just link the recipe HERE.