More to myself than to anyone else.  This is a space for me to grow and help place thoughts into actions versus onto the million random lists I have floating about.  Essentially I need to document my progress and self.  So, onto how I shall begin!  .... with another list.  

Goal 1:  To become a better and more engaging communicator...which means I actually need to write.  Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes, thus I should, at the very least, begin.  

Goal 2:  Organize my thoughts, goals and myself. 

Goal 3:  Write my actual goals... regardless of how vulnerable it makes me feel to place those out into the world.  (ok, maybe I'll keep some of them hush hush for now... baby steps.)

Goal 4:  FOLLOW THROUGH!  This is as hard as organizing my thoughts since I live for instant gratification.  Patience is not my virtue.

Beyond the obvious of documenting my thoughts and having a space for my professional work, this is a mish-mash of me.  From art, design, food to even my interest in my physical health (vanity).  My diary.