Figuring it out.

Figuring out who am I is an ongoing process and I'm also terrible at articulating my thoughts or even what I like.  You would think that in in your mid 30's you'd have a better understanding of self and grammar.  You then realize that you're constantly evolving and that it's actually NOT that easy.  

Thus, as an ode to myself, I began to write a list of what I enjoy, identify with, essentially who I am.  What did I find?  That some of the core things that make me "ME" have always been there, even if it's not as obvious.  You sometimes just need to list it out.

Materials:  Natural.

  • leather
  • wood (birch or beech, clear stain or black stain)
  • brass
  • marble
  • natural canvas
  • natural linen
  • natural cotton
  • ceramic (stoneware, terracotta, etc...)

Colors: Beautiful neutrals.

  • indigo
  • Yves Klein blue
  • white
  • black
  • grey
  • nudes (ranging from the blush varietals to greige)
  • gold
  • (blood red and emerald green- these come up occasionally in my life)

Forms: Human made.

  • simple geometry
  • clean
  • sculptural
  • delicate
  • lightness

Uniform: Any combination of below.

  • black everything
  • white drape-y tees 
  • gray drape-y tees & oversized sweaters
  • camel cashmere coat
  • navy everything
  • denim jeans
  • skinny jeans/pants
  • black leather pants
  • black moto leather jacket 
  • black heels
  • brogues
  • classic all white tennis shoes
  • black rim glasses
  • gold jewelry

Casual, Clean Modernity, Edge = Beautiful Utility/Utilitarian

Words to live by.