I love eggs.  Soft boiled.  Poached.  Fried.  Any iteration.

When I was in college and had very limited funds the one thing you could count to be in my bare refrigerator was a carton of eggs.

You can add an egg to almost any dish and suddenly nothing is too bad.  A fried egg over rice with spicy Korean chili sauce (gochujang) and a side of seaweed wrappers was my comfort meal that saw me through many days, the key being to keep the yolk intact but not too runny.  Now my usual go-to is the PERFECT soft-boiled egg, I'll have to dedicate another post about that perfection at a later date.  Although recently, I've become re-acquainted with my beloved fried egg.  

The difference is that this egg is FRIED.  You fully embrace the goodness of the Mediterranean diet and pour a healthy glug of good extra virgin olive oil into a small saucepan, let it heat over a medium heat and crack two eggs into the bath of oil so it bubbles right away.  The heat of the oil causes the edges to crisp up into a lacy texture while you pour the extra hot oil over the top to help hasten the cooking process but keep the yolk runny (or not).  

A sprinkle of Maldon sea salt and fresh cracked pepper finishes the eggs.  

There was something so elevated about this homey little dish… maybe it's because I've seen this dish be heralded recently by others online* and in print.  I think we all just love the egg.

* Mina Stone: Cooking for Artists

Bathing in the olive oil.

Bathing in the olive oil.